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Official Hungaroring test on TOP

The two official test days of Formula Master at Hungaroring resulted in a third and a first position for the team from Holland.
The first day, Conner Daly, son of ex F1 racer Derek, took the wheel of car number 32. It was the first time on a new track for Conner. Conner adapted quickly to his new machine and soon found himself on top of the lists in the morning session. Despite a small error, where he lost time in the pits, Conner ended the day in P3.

Driving car number 31 in the morning, Philip Forsman used the morning to prepare for his run the following day. Without using new tyres he ended the morning session in a respectable 3rd place.
Conor Daly, AR Motorport
"I've been testing several categories in Europe recently as the goal is to compete over here next season. I drove a Formula Renault as well as a Formula 3 and now Formula Master. I have to say the IFM is the best car I've ever driven! It's really well made and looks like a Formula 1 car; The team is very professional and if I do this I would like to continue working with them."

"Testing-wise today, I felt confident straight away and set fast times early on. The paddle-shift gears were easy to use and work really well. I focused mainly on getting as many laps in as possible and competitive times came out of that."

Day two started in wet and cold conditions. Philip Forsman was driving the number 32 car this day and experienced the 260 BHP car for the first time in the wet. I the afternoon Philip was always in P1 with over a second difference to number 2.
Being the first driver to put slicks in damp conditions he continued to produce quickest lap times during the afternoon session. Philip ended the day with a 1,2 ! second margin over second placed driver Nico Muller(jenzer).
Philip Forsman, AR Motorsport
"The car felt so much more like a racing car than what I've driven before, I only tested in the morning session yesterday and was third fastest. We worked on a drying track all day today but I managed to be fastest which is great."

"The grip is great with this car but I had to be very smooth to avoid any wheel spin. I raced with AR Motorsport this season just gone and I hope to be back next year with them in IFM."
International Formula Master - Budapest
Testing Day 1 - Overall

1. Nico Muller (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#7), 1:37.713
2. Cesar Ramos (BRA), JD Motorsport (#2), 1:37.860
3. Conor Daly (USA), AR Motorsport (#31), 1:38.092
4. Mikkel Mac (DEN), Iris Project (#8), 1:38.446
5. Phillippe Frommenwiler (SUI), Iris Project (#9), 1:38.600
6. Gary Thompson (IRE), Jenzer Motorsport (#6), 1:38.618

7. Philip Forsman (SWE), AR Motorsport (#32), 1:38.692
8. Andrea Roda (ITA), Cram Competition (#11), 1:39.126
9. Kevin Giovesi (ITA), Cram Competition (#10), 1:39.152
10. Riccardo Galli (SUI), JD Motorsport (#3), 1:39.175

11. Kelvin Snoeks (HOL), AR Motorsport (#32), 1:40.882
12. Natalia Kowalska (POL), JD Motorsport (#4), 1:41.135
International Formula Master - Budapest
Testing Day 2 - Overall

1. Philip Forsman (SWE), AR Motorsport (#32), 1:45.900
2. Nico Muller (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#7), 1:47.100
3. Gary Thompson (IRE), Jenzer Motorsport (#6), 1:47.500
4. Cesar Ramos (BRA), JD Motorsport (#2), 1:48.100
5. Mikkel Mac (DEN), Iris Project (#8), 1:48.900
6. Phillippe Frommenwiler (SUI), Iris Project (#9), 1:49.200
7. Riccardo Galli (SUI), JD Motorsport (#3), 1:49.900
8. Andrea Roda (ITA), Cram Competition (#11), 1:50.400

9. Kelvin Snoeks (HOL), AR Motorsport (#31), 1:52.300
10. Natalia Kowalska (POL), JD Motorsport (#4), 1:55.138