Formula Renault 1.6 Northern European Cup (NEC) junior

Controlled season costs
A high performance, high technology but low budget-racing car fills the void between karting and the 2 litre Formula Renault. The series offers an interesting calandar with races on renowned race- tracks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The hugely popular 2.0 NEC championship has ensured that this new 1.6 NEC championship starts. The great organization has ensured its success.

The championship is completely new. No team has any advantage. The combination of vehicle with tire manufacturer has not previously been made so this also applies no advantage. Advantage can mainly be made by a lot testing. Preparation is 90% of success! And, the AR Motorsport Formula racing experience is indelible.

Simple yet effective, the Formula Renault 1.6 has been designed to meet specifications requiring controlled season costs, total sporting fairness between competitors, excellent reliability and enough potential performance to allow the talent of the best drivers to show through.

This single-seater offers a sufficiently wide range of mechanical and aerodynamic settings to allow drivers to learn what single-seater racing is all about. 
By prohibiting teams from preparing or modifying certain parts of the car above all the engine and the electronic control unit everyone has access to the same level of performance. It is above all what the driver does behind the wheel which makes the difference!

Enrique Bernoldi, Felipe Massa and Scott Speed are just some of the past winners of this truly global category in which drivers from the five continents regularly compete against each other!